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VMware Workstation  and UEFI

Virtual UEFI firmware can be enabled on VMware Workstation 8.x or 9.x, but it is not officially supported.

To do so add the following line to your .vmx file of the virtual machine.

firmware = "efi"

Next time you start the Virtual Machine you will see this screen:

Instead of the BIOS screen of VMware. Starting installing Windows 8 in UEFI mode is now possible. Unfortunately it is not possible to enable Secure Boot in VMware yet.

Changing from BIOS to UEFI also changes the hardware of the Virtual Machine. Normally a VM identifies it as VMware Virtual Platform, with UEFI this is changed to ‘VMware 7.1’ (in my case). So be care full with this.

VMware Workstation Silent Install

In this article I will describe how to make the install of VMware Workstation silent. This is an easy proces. Make sure you have the VMware Workstation downloaded. The VMware Workstation comes as an executable, but inside there is an MSI file. You have to execute the following command:

vmwareworkstation.exe /extract D:\temp\vmw

This takes a while, but will result in a folder with the following content:

VMware Installation Files

Now you can make it easily silent and manageable using normal MSI parameters

msiexec /i "vmware workstation.msi"  /qb

Ofcourse you can add property’s to the installation. You can choose the following:


Which components needs to be added to the installation, suggested is ALL


Do you like an shortcut to VMware Workstation on your desktop? Use DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=1. This is also available for the quicklaunch and startmenu icon.


Disable the autorun for the cdrom and usbdrives.


Enter your serial number in the following format xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

During uninstallation of VMware you can use the following commandline:


You have to specify the /qn parameter because else you still get the following question from VMware Workstation:

VMware uninstallation error


Removes the VMware Account information from you computer. If you are performing an upgrade, it is easier to leave this on your computer.


Removes your VMware License from your computer


Removes the settings from your computer