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Detect BIOS or UEFI / EFI from Windows PE

To detect whether you’re computer is running with a BIOS or UEFI, type the following command:

reg query HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control /v PEFirmwareType 

The following results codes are available:

  • 0x1 = BIOS
  • 0x2 = (U)EFI

Depending on the BIOS or EFI the hard disk partitioning will use MBR (with BIOS) or GPT (with UEFI) when installing Windows 7 /8.

More information about the difference between GPT and MBR can be found on the Wiki pages:

GPT = GUID Partition Table (
MBR = Master Boot Record (

Enable Linked Connections for UAC

Normally when UAC kicks in, the network connections are reset because it is an another session. To have the same network connections after the UAC prompt is passed, you have to enable LinkedConnections. THis can easily be done in the registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Or download here

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