Overwriting an MSI package on your local computer

Updating an broken MSI installation

Maybe you know the following problem: you installed and MSI on a computer, but during de-install you have an error which is preventing the MSI from de-installing. You have a stupid message like the following:

MSI de-installation error

So, what can you do on this?

Repair your msi and test it on a clean computer so that it works like you want it. After that, go to the computer with that problem. Copy the repaired MSI to the disk and execute the following command:

msiexec /fvomus filename.msi/qb

The local MSI database will now be updated with the right one.

After that you can execute your msiexec /x /qn on the computer and it is working. Ofcourse you can implement the msiexec command in your software distribution system.